RightNao also responds to specific requests. We act to meet the needs that arise by developing innovative solutions adapted to training. If you too would like your own customised simulator, contact us!

What's New 2020 - Endo Prosthesis Kit Complete, View 2 - Copyright RightNao

The Endoprosthesis Training Kit

Block made for the dismantling of coronal structures. Training company that wanted to teach participants the technique of dismantling an inlay-core and a crown.

What's New for 2020 - Decayed tooth, view 3 - Copyright RightNao

Pulp capping training

Realization at the request of dental faculties for the initial training of young dentists in pulp preservation. The objective is to simulate caries curettage up to a point of pulp effraction, reactive if possible, and to be able to manipulate the biomaterials.

What's New for 2020 - Root canal treatment - Molar & canine - Copyright RightNao

Root canal training

Models used to test new instruments for root canal clearance during orthograde retreatment.

What's New for 2020 - Endo-Resto Block - Crown, detail 1 - Copyright Jean-Baptiste Roger - RightNao

The Endo-Resto Block

Created at the request of laboratories for training courses combining root canal treatment and watertight crown filling in one session. The model is designed to allow the placement of the dam and the realization of different types of direct and indirect coronal reconstructions.