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Have you been dreaming of a perfect tooth for your exercises? RightNao has thought of you!


Endodontics is an extremely rigorous discipline whose learning must be based on a precise and determined protocol. In the 21st century, it is therefore difficult to imagine that most practical and educational exercises in endodontics are carried out on extracted teeth. Not to mention the risks of contamination that this implies, the nature and constitution of such a medium do not allow for a full understanding of the clinical realities that the practitioner encounters when practicing.

A complex issue

It is true that there are currently some dental replicas with an almost perfect root canal system, with a very aesthetic pulp network colouring. Apart from being pretty, these are translucent and their canals are too wide to really appreciate the difficulties of an endodontic procedure.
This led to the project of creating a series of totally opaque teeth with a root canal system that was as realistic as possible, reproducing clinical situations specific to each tooth.

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Series of Wicks-RightNao-copyright Jean-Baptiste Roger

Birth and implementation of a project

From then on, the question was simple: can we reproduce in 3D printing a model that is perfectly identical to the dental organ in order to create a teaching aid that is as close as possible to clinical realities?
In 2017, several companies were approached for their ability to meet the requirements of the specifications: printing finesse, modelling to a hundredth of a micron, resin quality and responsiveness.
SmileTech's skills and expertise quickly became apparent. The RightNao company was born from this meeting between a dentist and a model engineer.

Adequate profile modeling *

Each tooth is reproduced from a CBCT. The pulp network is then manually modified by modelling according to a precise clinical reality.
The canals have the smallest dimensions available on the market. Particular attention has been paid to the apical third. The apical constriction is faithfully reproduced with the apical foramen, which makes it possible to use the apex locator.
The teeth are adapted to the practice of everyone: from the student to the more experienced practitioner.

* This technique has been the subject of a patent ®.

Strawberry and incisor-rightnao-copyright Jean-Baptiste Roger
Wick and molar-RightNao-copyright Jean-Baptiste Roger

A precise development protocol

Each tooth corresponds to a precise protocol elaborated according to the instrumentation used. The filling can be made with the system of your choice, the resins resist a temperature of 150°C.
Each root canal anatomy has been technically validated and you can watch it on video using a short code accessible via your telephone.