Left lower first molar - 36-MDP

Technical description

Left lower first molar of shade A3 (Vita) with mesial sista 2.3 caries distal to the point of contact. In case of too much curettage a pulpal effraction point appears.

Pedagogical objective

This tooth allows students to control their curettage. Simulator that can be suitable for both the restorative and prosthetic dentist because of the presence of ceramic particles that make the crown size feel real. This tooth is suitable for practicing direct point-of-contact restorative techniques.

Tooth adaptable on the ANA-4 FRASACO support.

Poids de la dent avec le conditionnement : < 10 g.
Dimensions avec le conditionnement (PxLxH) : 37 x 37 x 20 mm.

UGS : DCA-36MDP Category :

16,80 HT

Further information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 37 × 37 × 20 mm